Some things to consider when running a roadside stall.

Road Signs
Expect most visitors to be impulse visitors – they’ve seen the stall whilst out driving, and quickly pulled over to the side of the road.
Make it easy for them by having a clear area where you want them to pull over.
Put a sign up on either side of the road leading up to your stall, eg farm stall 50metres ahead.
Make sure you bring the road signs in at the end of the day when the stall is closed.

Stall Signs
If the stall is closed/empty, put a sign on the actual stall saying that it’s closed. Curtains also work well for this – they are visible from a distance.

Reassure visitors by having a hand sanitiser in the stall – so that people can have clean hands before touching the produce or your money.

Payment Methods
The traditional payment was to have a locked cashbox for people to pop in their coins/notes.
This worked well in the good old days, but sadly there has been an increase in thefts recently – both of the cashbox, and the actual fruit/vegetables.
Your visitors also may not have any cash on them – most people simply carry their phones these days.
However your stall may be located in an area with no phone reception.
Consider offering multiple “electronic” payment methods instead.
Rather than share your account details with the world, use an online payment platform  based around a QR code or URL, such as buymeacoffee.
Make it easy for visitors to take a photo of the payment details to process later, when they have good phone reception.


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