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Helping people discover the pleasures of farm-fresh food via road-side stalls – also known as honesty boxes.

Farm gate food stalls are a lovely feature of life in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.  Dotted along the side of the road as you drive through winding country roads in the hinterland behind Byron Bay,  it’s a beautiful way for neighbours to support each other, and for visitors to discover the delights of food straight from the paddock to the plate.

You’ll also find roadside stalls in many other food-producing areas around Australia, including the Hawkesbury, Riverina, Scenic Rim and many other beautiful regions.

To make it easier for both locals and travellers, we’ve created a map of different types of farm food experiences:

Farm Gates – where the food is contained in a roadside stall – you don’t need to go inside a fence
Farm Doors – where you actually go to the farmhouse for a tasting or larger display of goods. Similar to a Cellar Door for wine.
Farm Boxes – where you can order a box of fresh farm produce, for delivery or pickup
Farmers Markets – regular local markets where farmers and artisans sell produce direct to consumer

Buying from an farm gate helps farmers (both large-scale and hobby farmers) to keep on growing – their businesses, their crops, and enjoying a healthy way of life.
Buying from an farm gate also helps you – it’s fresh food, and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re supporting local small businesses.

As per the name, it’s all based around honesty. So please make sure to pay for produce, to keep the good karma flowing.


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