Disclaimer: I am not an expert in this area. These are just some of the payment methods people have been using.


Pay ID – payid.com.au

It’s Australian.
It offers instant, secure payments between bank accounts.
It’s easier to remember than a BSB and account number. Your PayID can be a phone number, email or ABN.
When somebody pays you, it will show them the name you have chosen to display, so that they can confirm they are paying the correct person.
Visitors don’t need their own PayID – they just pay your PayID through their mobile or internet banking platform.
There currently aren’t any fees associated with the use of PayID from an internet banking platform.

BuyMeACoffee – buymeacoffee.com

It’s instant payment to your bank account or Stripe.
It handles donations and repeat subscriptions.
It handles all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay.
It’s even easier to remember.
It’s free to setup.
There aren’t any monthly fees, however they keep 5% of the transaction as a fee.

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