Q1. Why build this website?

I wanted a way to easily find farm gate food stalls near where I lived.
To support local farmers and producers.
To help both locals and tourists to discover the pleasures of farm-fresh food.
To reduce food travel distances and provide an alternative to large corporate supermarkets.
One day I hope to have a farm gate food stall – when my gardening skills are better.

Q2. Is it free to submit a listing?

There will always be a free basic listing.
If I get time in the future, I may add a premium listing allowing more photos, but that’s not likely in the short term.

Q3. How do I submit a listing?

In the top menu under Info, there is a link to Add Listing.
This will take you to a page that will ask you to Login/Register first, to be able to add a listing.
Once you’ve registered, you can add listings for your food stall or farmers market from your account page.

Q4. Do I have to register to submit a listing?

Yes. Otherwise you won’t be able to edit/update your listing, and we’ll end up emailing each other endlessly.

Q5. Can I add a stall that I don’t own?

I’d suggest asking their permission first. But if they’re happy for you to do it for them, sure, go ahead.
Worst case I can transfer ownership of the listing, if they register afterwards.

Q6. Why did my account/listing disappear?

I’ve been building websites for over 15 years, and I’ve seen way too much spam.
I had to close my favourite dog site many years ago due to spam – with hundreds of fake accounts, profiles and posts being created each day.
Lots of spammers create empty accounts in the hope of adding links and content to their profile page.
So if an account is created with an obvious overseas or spammy email address, and there’s no farm listing associated with the account, then it’s highly likely that I’ll think it’s spam, and delete the account.
There’s no reason to join if you don’t want to create a listing.

Also, if the listing is not a farm gate, farm door, farm food box or other food creator, then I’ll delete the listing.

This site is only for farm gate food stuff –  fresh products, jams/chutneys, and maybe flowers.

If you submit a listing for something unrelated (eg real estate, a fashion store in town, a craft stall,  a finance business, an unrelated website), then I will delete the listing, sorry.

Q7. Will I get swamped by emails from you?

Nope. This is a standard WordPress site with a directory plugin. So you may get a confirmation email for your new/updated account/listing.
But I won’t start emailing you with special offers – only if something is wrong/changing with your account or the website.
One day, if the site goes really well I may create a separate email list that you can choose to subscribe to.

Q8. Any tips for running a farm gate food stall?

There will be a few blog posts.

Q9. Who built the icons?

Icons were made by https://www.freepik.com from https://www.flaticon.com (attribution).

Q9. How can I help support the site?

I’ll probably add some ads and affiliate links to the site soon to cover the hosting costs.
Or hey, you can support my coffee habit at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/geekmum
Or if you’ve got some spare produce….