I was in isolation for 2 weeks from Christmas Day – courtesy of Covid.

Luckily we had stocked up with lots of food in anticipation of family arriving, but we weren’t expecting Covid to come along for the ride.
By the end of the first week, we were fantasising about fresh foods and how to get them.
Basically waiting until we were free of Covid to go shopping.

One of my fantasies was being able to drive to various farm gate food stalls and stock up on whatever they were selling.
Assuming nobody else would be around, it would be a safe way to buy fresh food.
I knew of at least three stalls between home and Mullum – although the cyclonic rain meant that there was also a risk of rising creek waters.
So it would have been nice to know of any other honesty boxes that were open and what produce was currently available, on higher ground to the south.
Without that info, we ended up waiting until one person had a negative rapid antigen test, and sent them out for supplies.

So Covid and Christmas gave me the opportunity to build this website – something that had been at the back of my mind for months.

It does highlight the potential for roadside honesty boxes to become more important in the supply of food to locals (and tourists).

It also raises health concerns – do you setup a hand sanitiser in your stall? Do you offer hands-free payment?

Hope you enjoy the site 🙂


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